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Some Facts About Us

Welcome at AE SYSTEME!

We are a software / embedded IT company, located in Burgdorf / near Hannover / Germany.

Our products:

-) competitiv, innovativ and with fairly pricings
-) individual designed - from humans - for humans
-) adaptable and scalable
-) with integrated capitel investment guarantee: open data formats and interfaces

Our team:

-) flexible, fast, unbureaucratic for requierments of the user
-) we are offering personal support from experienced specialists
-) direct specialist contact - no call center

Our location:

-) Local based in Germany, Lower Saxony
-) resident in own headquarter in periphery of Burgdorf / Hannover *

* Our location: inside a historical building wich was a former sweets company from 1949, at 2500qm ground with old sustainable tree population.

Company house in the green. Drohne picture
Company house in the green.
Dog in entry area
Office view

Our mission is to offer  modern and innovative solutions for data capturing in industrial and professional environment. We are offering solutions for a wide range for data collection with hard- and software.

Our company represents the wide knowledge of powerful embedded hard- and software engineering with modern and powerful tools e.g. DOT.NET software, Visual Studio, C / C#, Android / Java programming, SQL database and more.

Our business adress for contacts and requests:

AE SYSTEME Art-Events Walter & Schilling GmbH
Am Gueterbahnhof 15 - D-31303 Burgdorf - Germany
Tel: +49 5136 802421 - eMail:
Central Webpage: