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Windows 86 Applications
-) AEWWS Lite Inventory Management Demo Version for Windows x86 [ZIP]
-) AEWWS Lite Inventory Management User Manual [PDF]
-) Bon / Receipt Printer for Windows x86 [ZIP]
-) PC Weight Data Logger SQL for Windows x86 [ZIP]
-) QR Code Generator for Windows Software [ZIP]
-) WWS Batch Quick Data Collection [ZIP]
Android Apps
-) Android Inventory App. Free Trial Version [ZIP]
-) Android Storage App. Free Trial Version [ZIP]
-) Android Storage App. User Manual [PDF]
-) CoVID19 Data Logger App [ZIP]
-) Donxie App Free Trial Version with Item Database [ZIP]
-) Simple Barcode App. Free Version [ZIP]
-) User Guide. How to install an Android APK file [PDF]
Windows CE Applications
-) WinCEMobileData Data Capturing [ZIP]
-) WINCEDonxie Demo Application [ZIP]
Hardware Documentation

-) Smart Meter MGW986 Data Sheet [PDF]
-) Smart Meter MGW986 Sample Conf File [TXT]
-) MGW9xx First Steps [PDF]
-) TRM816 Hardware Manual [PDF]
-) TRM816 Getting Started Manual [PDF]
-) TRM816 Customized Keyboard Map
-) TRM816 Network Usage
-) TRM816 Circuit Diagram for Using Digital IN/OUT [JPG]
-) TRM416 Hardware Manual [PDF]
-) TRM920 Hardware Manual [PDF]
-) XML Code Processor General User Manual [PDF]
-) XML Code Processor Settings XML Passwords [PDF]
-) XML Code Processor English Web Information