MES ERP Data Collection

  • Extremely roughed terminal systems for mounting directly at machines or in production
  • x86 / 32bit Linux based - gives you maximum freedom of working and application safety
  • Free configurable application - you decide what kind of data you prefer to collect
  • Simple user input available about water / dust protected keyboard, barcode, RFID proximity reader and more
  • Optionally: automatis data input with a direct terminal ./. machine connection for automatic machine data
  • IP transfer the data into your network
  • Integrated FTP server for fast network transfer
  • Integrated SQL clients for direct communication with your SQL database servers
  • Preconfigured software - for easy configuration without linux programming
  • Optionally available als LIGHT version for time and job only

Hardware in production environment:


We expect your production environment is full of oil, water, dust and more? No problem: our answer including rough industrial terminal systems, industrial quality made in germany, especially designed for using in such heavy environment. E.g. water / dust protectded keyboard (IP65), heavy metal cases, for environment temperatures -20/-10...+60/70°C and more. Of course in fanless LOW power technology - this means <10 watts energy consumption in 24/7 using - according to green IT requirements.

TRM816 Version

  • BDE-816.XML
    A software for data collection / data capturing with TRM/816 PC terminal for display 8 lines a 21 char. Based on the XML code processor.

    The preconfigured sample software offers the base application for your individual changes. In predefined standard it supports the input of user, user name, machine no, order no and value. Input is available via keyboard or barcode scanner / RFID. Input will be saved on the internal compact flash card and be transfered via FTP over the network. SQL clients for your database caccess are integrated. You can individualize the application wihtout any linux programming work.

    Hardware requirements:

    • TRM/816 ADNP1520 case / cabinet version
    • Internal Compact Flash CF card with XML code processor and XML config file
    • Recommended: Startup Package with power supply
    • Optionally: external barcode scanner connected to COM port
    • Optionally: external RFID / proximity reader connected to COM port

Hardware in production environment:

Feature List

PC based industrial terminal systems. Computers in miniature sized for mounting at machines or in production environment. All-in-one complete systems for roughly industrial use. X
Water- and dust proofed keyboard, protected case, usable with gloves, for environment temperatures -10/-20...+60/70°C X
Exzellent good readable textdisplay, available in 8 or 4 lines, backlighted X
<align="left"> TOP Low power version: < 10 watts power consumption</align="left"> X
Preconfigured software for data collection in industrial environment X
Interface for barcode readers, optionally RFID proximity reader X X
Direct machine interface, e.g. for counter input or with CAN bus X
Data savings with integrated compact flash card, typ. 1 GB size, for more than 1000 data blocks X
TOP Communication with SQL database X
TOP Automatic Data / Time function X
TOP Time synchronisation with NTP time server  X
Saved data in XML format. Communication via FTP and ethernet network. (Others individual data formats possible.) X X
Upload function: download production orders into system BEFORE work starts X
Integrated FTP and telnet server. For data transfer and remote login via ethernet network X
Integrated webserver. For remote control via network and webbrowser X
M2M integration. Terminal can automatically generate and send SMS short messages or mails X
TOP ECM Energy monitoring. Terminal can count power consumption values from machine. X
Easy configuration without any programming. System uses XML software configuration tool for application. Translation in native languages possible. X
Easy and user friendly using X
Available and designed for 24/7 use



See a sample screen shot how information in MS EXCEL looks: