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Most requested options

Ordercode KK1-TRM

Fully designed cable set with
-) 1x SUB D9 cable for serial, digital in / out or CAN interface
-) 1x RESET key
-) 1x RJ45 LAN adapter
Cable, reset key and LAN adapter are designed for direct connection to base board BB/816 or compatible. Refer hardware manual for exact position! (This cable kit is part of TRM Startup Package for Open Frame Systems)

Ordercode KK2-TRM

Single SUB D9 cable. For further interfaces at the base board BB/816 hardware.
(Part of KK1-TRM)

Ordercode KK-PWR-TRM

Cable for base board power connector with DIN connector at the end.
(Contained in TRM Startup Package for Open Frame Systems)

Ordercode KK2-RESET-TRM

Single RESET key
(Part of KK1-TRM)

Ordercode KK-LAN-TRM

Single RJ45 LAN adapter for networking.
(Part of KK1-TRM)

Ordercode Nullmodem Cable

Nullmodem Cable for serial COM Connection TRM ./. PC via RS232. Needed for RCM connections between TRM system and local PC in case of setup and installing linux or DOS images.
(Contained in TRM Startup Package)

EOL Version!

NEW Version

Ordercode: PWR4-TRM-SCREW

Power supply 100-240VAC input, 12VDC output, for TRM Case Versions, with industrial screwable DIN / IEC connector for TRM case version.
(Contained in TRM startup package for case versions)

Note: new version as desktop power supply replaces the EOL bench version! Available approx. from 3.quarter 2023. Power supplies in bench version available in remaining qty and on request only!


Power cable with connector for TRM case versions and open wired at the other side, 2 wires for + and -. Length approx 100 cm, with heavy duty screwable DIN / IEC connector industrial grade. Recommended if you want to use your own 12...24VDC power supply with the TRM system.

Ordercode KK-PWR-TRM-OW

Cable for base board power connector for open frame TRM816/416 systems, with open wired at one end, marked for + and -. Length approx 100cm.

Ordercode PWR5-DINRAIL

DIN rail power supply 100-240VAC Input, 12VDC Output for TRM Case Versions or MGW products, DIN Rail mounting system, including adapter cable for TRM / MGW connector, manufacturer: SIEMENS or compatible.

More kits and customized designs at request! Please contact our sales team!