Hardware: OTP57V

Panel PC OTP57V with Touch Screen

CPU ModuleVortex86DX 32 bit x86 SoC (SSV eSOM2586 CPU Board)
800 MHz (600Mhz optional)
 PC-compatible AMI Basic I/O System
eSOM-200 form factor (2x 100-pin Hirose FX8C connector)
Memory128 MByte DDR2 SDRAM @ 300 MHz bus speed
1024 MByte NAND-type
1x CompactFlash (CF) socket with IDE-based interface
LCD5.7 VGA-size (14cm) with 18-bit digital RGB interface and LED backlight
18-bit TTL interface, VGA-based for TFT/STN panels
64 MByte video RAM with DDR2 interface
Programmable LED backlight controller for LCD
Other LCDs available on request
Touch4-wire analog resistive touch sensor
4-wire for resistive touch panels (UART-based)
RTC1x Real Time Clock with external battery-backup (CR2032)
Interfaces2x RS232, 1x RS485 (16C550/16C552 compatible)
1x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
1x SJA1000 with FullCAN and BasicCAN support
2x USB host port for external USB devices with HS (480 Mbps), FS and LS support
Operating System
/ Software
Linux 2.6.18 (Debian-based) with X Server and Java 6 (J2SE) run time environment
Java Swing GUI Support widget toolkit and API
HTTP(S), Telnet, SSH, (S)FTP for Ethernet-based access
Special Functions1x timer watchdog, 1x power supervisor
Supports external keyboard, via USB interface (Option)
7-bit GPIO general purpose input output signals from eSOM/2586 PIO Port B
1x SPI master interface with one chip select output signal
2x LED output signals for external power and LAN activity LED
DimensionsOpen frame architecture with four mounting points
Base Board BB6/eSOM
3U Front Panel Size
162.2 mm x 128.8 mm
32mm deepth, with used power connector: min. 50…55mm for safe cable routing
Power12…24 VDC
Temperature0…60 °C (extended temperature range on request)
-20…70 °C Storage Temperature
DeliveringEmbedded User Interface device with eSOM/2586, base board BB6/eSOM, 5.7” VGA LCD, touch screen, front panel for 3U 19” rack mounting
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ManucfacturedThis product fullfills the criteria: Made in Germany = German product  for highest industrial quality!
DistributorAE SYSTEME www.terminal-systems.com

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