Get RFID decoding whereever your want: Touchless decoding of packages, persons, entry control and more – free programmable Linux / XML RFID Terminal with moderm embedded PC Technology! Some Features:

Roughed Terminalssystem with display and keyboard (front panel IP65 water and dust protected)
PC Technology, 32bit, x86 CPU, AMD, LOW Power fanless embedded design
Mounted RFID / proximity reader – for touchless decoding of RFID tags, 125kHz
Perfect for time attendance and door / entry control
Programming: embedded Linux or via XML configuration toolkit
Extended lib for creating your own application, including full display, keyboard, barcode, RFID, network support
Integrated webserver für web based access
Integrated FTP / Telnet server für file transfer / remote login via IP network
Also available: SQL clients for communication with SQL databases

Terminal System for rough and harsh environment
Based on TRM816 Mini PC
Integrated RFID / proximity reader
Operating system Linux
PC technology, 32bit x86 CPU
Free programmable with Linux OS
Also available: XML configurationtool
TRM416: Textdisplay 4 lines a 20 char, extra big characters
TRM816: Text / Graphicaldisplay 8 lines a 21 char
All displays with backlight version for good reading
Available as open frame system or in IP protected case
Designed for using in your own applications e.g. for data capturing, control and automation environment. Comfortable user interface with keyboard input, barcode, RFID support. digital IO, CAN and more. Fast communication via TCP IP network – or with integrated FTP and Telnet server. Including SQL database clients – for MS SQL or mySQL.

Same as TRM816 with with changed hardware, system with different display size

RFID transponder reader / proximity reader – monted at TRM416/816
Internal connection to TRMxx with COM2
Incl. power supply via COM port – no external power supply needed
Supports RFID / proximity standards EM4102 125kHz oder MiFare(c)

RFID Tags with identity key (ID)
Available as key fob or key card

Software RFID DECODING – incl. XML Config toolkit
Toolkit with libs for creating individual applications for TRM416/816 without linux programming
XML interpreter for linux: translates and runs XML configfiles as program in realtime
Incl. PC softwaer XML TRM Code Generator for easy creating individual applications
Inc. lib for user input, LCD / display output, keyboard, barcode, RFID / proximity input, client for SQL databased, digital IN / OUT and much more

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