AE Emergency SMS Sender

Android AE Emergeny SMS App

Send emergency SMS directly with 1 click

Simple press 1,2 or 3 button to send predefined message

Easy: specify your short message inside settings menu

InstaHelpAE Emergency Alarm SMS Box

There is no time for texting short messages in case of emergency!

Our Emergency Alarm SMS box supports:

-) Create own predefined texts in case of emergency
-) Simple red-yellow-green light system indicates priority
-) In case of emergency use can press coloured button and pretexted SMS will send automatically!

Send predefined SMS in case of emergency

Quick and easy to use

Especially for seniors / security and all cases where is no time for individual texting

Installation and usage:

-) Download and install app at your Android smartphone
-) Allow permissions for: Sending SMS + Access to your contacts
-) Start app
-) Define your SMS. Ready!

From now user can send his SMS with one click!

New in version 1.002:

-) Supports contact / adress book from smartphone
-) International UI with german / english texts