QR Code Reader App

AE QR Reader App for Android

For events / door / entry control and more

App for reading and storing QR codes for your Android smartphone

-) read one or multi line QR codes with camera of your smartphone

-) save codes manually or automatic (automatic premium version only)

-) Save in a file with date / timestamp and user / location information

-) File data format text / XLS CSV for further processing with Office / Excel and more

-) App available in 2 versions: base version or premium version

Designed e.g. for data collection in attendance / entry  business or at events with guests or more

Base Version

Base version of this qr reader app

Read QR and show codes, save manually

Free download available [ZIP] »

Premium Version

Premium version of this app

Read, show QR codes, save in automatic mode

Export as text file in Excel XLS CSV format

Simple reading and data capturing app for your android smartphone

Read QR codes with the cam of your smartphone,

see text in display

save on klick together with automatic date / time stamp and user / location information

See how it works:

Save QR codes with date / timestamp and additional user / location information.

Open file formats for easy data processing of read data, e. g. for import in Office / Excel / SQL or others

Transfer read data in Office / Excel

Make your own experience!

Download and test free version for your Android device or smartphone!

Quick installation:

  1. Download packed ZIP file to your computer
  2. Unpack ZIP file at your computer
  3. Transfer Android APK file into \download folder of your mobile phone
  4. Use file manager at your smartphone and click APK file at your Android device will start installing process
  5. Start application

* Picture may show german user interfaces. Depending on configured language at your Android device. Uses settings and language English at your device, text will change automatically!

BASE Version FREE!

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