WIN CE Dongxie


  • WIN CE DONXIE – software package for data entry with mobile data terminals MDT systems
  • Special light version for direct data entry of dispatch, approach, inventory or ordering
  • Designed for using at MDT systems with Windows / Windows Mobile (c) (from CE 5.0) and QVGA display (240×320)
  • Supports file upload for an article HOST file with additional information, e.g. article text, location, asset…
  • Data saving in standard XLS CSV format, for easy data processing with office packages
  • Supports user input via keyboard, touch screen, barcode and more
  • Individual software design possible
  • Software for download from our website, available as english or german language version

Download FREE Demo Version

Download and test. Upgrade to full version with serial no. Download ZIP file contains WIN CE MOBILE DATA and WIN CE DONXIE software packages! It runs at your mobile Windows CE based hardware or (!) in a small window at your local PC system.

Download FREE Trial Demo version as ZIP file: