AE WWS Lite: Quick List Accounting

Approaching and delivering of goods - module QUICK LIST presents a wonderful, easy to use solution for direct item input via keyboard or barcode reader. Fast input of item list and very extensible for the user.

Quick list is direct connected with the internal database so all accounts will be change current item assets during input.

Easy and fast input of item lists with barcode or keyboard

Direct access to internal database, just in time accounting and asset qty refresh

Auto Value. Optionally with automatic value for each accounting position

Journal and bonprinting with professional bon receipt printers (option)

Also useable for quick inventory and ordering inputs

direct and fast input from printed lists

Additional user input. All input will be stored with user and date / time values.

Also useable for initial generation of new items

Samples / Pictures

Especially designed for using at Microsoft (c) Surface tablet PC

Sample for an input list. English or German language available!

Barcode label for input. Option

Simple bon printing with professional bon / receipt printers (Option)