AE WWS Lite: Details and Features

At a glance: Features and Details

Items / UserItems unlimited. / Free Version: Items limited.
User depending on license
Data FormatXML based database or
internal SQL client für SQL server
Location DatabaseLocal / Network / SQL Server
Databasefields configurable from user
table columns visible on / off
DatafieldsArtikel number + text
Current qty, minimum qty, scale
Lists for location, material group, supplier, item group
~6 fields for free text, alpha
~3 fields for numeric values
~3 fields for date values
~3 additional lists
~3 free usable checkboxes
~2 pricing fields
automatic pricings sum + calculation (if needed)
Product picture
Home directory for further documents, pictures and more
Information / text field for free text
Automatic product history for accounting
ListsLists for waregroup, item groups, locations, suppliers
Template lists for articel texts, accounting information
Complete accounting history
ViewsMain table view with all data or filters
Table view with accounting history and big data report
Details view of article data / HOST data
ActionsCreate and edit article data / HOST data
Accounting from item movements
Import data from external sources (MDP systems, apps …)
Im- and export from XLS CSV files
Reporting accounting history
Automatic and manual asset warning for min qty
Quick accounting for picking lists and more. READ MORE
Accounting Approach / dispatch from items
Additional information for invoice / delivering note and more
Inventory with automatisch divergence calculation
Relocation between location places
Ordering with order suggestion
PartlistCreate and edit partlist as list of items
Automatic accounting for general partlist items
ReportsDetailed accounting history with timestamp and user information
Module BIG DATA with Top 10 item reporting
Protocols for delivering, removal, inventora, ordering and more
Free useable date intervals
Data Im / ExportModule XLS CSV Import Filter
Interface for item data in XLS CSV format
External DataModule External Data
Interface for data from external sources
e.g. MDT systems, smartphones apps, POS cash systems
Supports XLS CSV or XML format
Integrated FTP client for fast data transfer
DevicesInput via keyboard
RFID proximity readers
Barcode Scanners
Interface to weight systems, machines via RS232 or LAN optionally
PrintingList printing for items
List printing for accounting history
Protocols printing
Barcode PrintingBarcode / label printing via ZEBRA printers
supports TPL / EPL printer language
SecurityUser accounting select user with read only feature
AES decryption of item data and history
OtherWebViewer for data transfer to FTP server, cloud, website
Automatic value calculation with pricings
Serveral item files available in XML version
Quick select with up to 60 favourite keys with filter function
Automatic SQL login
Preopen XML database
LanguageSoftware available in englisch or german language
RequirementsSoftware for MS Windows (32/64 bit), incl. HOME versions
SQLModule SQL client
Server Microsoft SQL server, also Micorosoft SQL Server Express
Firebird SQL Server
Automatic data transfer between XML version to SQL server
CheckFree version with limited item access
See download link at this page
DownloadDownload FREE trial version.
AE WWS Lite with no limit time use,
FREE TEST version only limited at 49 items, no runtime limit!
Download SETUP EXE – english version
Including sample file, editable for your own desires