Bon Simulator

AE BON Simulator Software / Receipt Printer

Create your own receipt design, print your own receipts, sales slips and more – without using a complex POS software at your computer! The AE bon simulator software for Windows allows:

  • Create your receipt design with individual header and footlines
  • Supports individual blocks of article items, text, pricings and more
  • Input article data and prices of your choice
  • Print receipt with automatic sum / cash operations

Software supports professional receipt printers, e.g. EPSON TM-T88V. Supports receipts in language of your choice, e.g. German / English and more…

Images and Screenshots

Individual receipt design, language of your choice
Receipt after print
Receipt with several item positions of your choice
Receipt samples

ZIP includes:

Software for windows operating system, multi language (German / English) supported, including several receipt samples for your own receipt design

Note: this is not an electronic POS software. It is a simulator for comfortable printing receipts and sales slips, together with individual header and footer, article positions and sum / payment values.


Download and unpick ZIP file to your computer, start EXE application, choose a receipt template e.g. bondata.txt, design your header and footer, input data, print receipt!