Hardware: TRM416

Linux Terminal TRM416 – Industrial Line

TRM416 in Wall Mounting Case
FunctionalitySmall (booksized) PC terminal with several interfaces. DOS / Linux version. Free programable for individual applications or with preconfigured software packages.
DisplaySupertwist LC Display for Text Output
Textmode with 4 Lines a 20 char
LED Backlighted Display
Viewing area 121 x 40,5mm
Character size 9,2 x 4,8mm. DOT size 1,1 x 0,92mm
Optionally for extended temperature range -20…+60C
KeyboardFrontpanelkeyboard with Numeric/Alphanumeric keys, F1-F5, Cursor UP / DOWN, DEL and ENTER. Matrixkeyboard 2×10 keys.
CPU + InterfacesCPU configuration SSV DIL/Net PC ADNP1520
DIL/NetPC with LOW Power AMD SC520 100/133Mhz, 32bit, integrated floating point for faster operations
64MB DRAM, 16MB on-board Flash
10/100Mbit/s Ethernet LAN networking interface
2x Serial Interface: COM1 RS232/422/485, COM2 RS232
CAN Interface with Philips CAN SJA1000 controller, full CAN support with Highspeed and Lowspeed, bus termination resistor (selectable with jumper) and software support for CAN 2.0A (11bit identifier) or CAN 2.0B (29bit identifier), ISO/DIS 11898 CAN Bus Interface
2bit digital IN, opto isolated, Switching Voltage 10…24V
2bit Digital OUT, relais controlled, 30V AC/DC / 2A max., sample rate 1Hz
Compact Flash Adapter for unlimited memory
More Infos about SSV DILNet PC ADN1520
Additional FeaturesProgramable Watchdog Timer
Internal 4k x 8 Bit programable SPI EEPROM (for configuration memory)
Battery Backuped Real Time Clock (Battery as Option)
External RESET connector
Digital IN available as IRQ controlled counter input, counting by falling edge, impulse width min. 5ms, max. counter freq 100 Hz)
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux, DOS. x86 based
Optionally: innovative XML Code Processor / XML programming toolkit. Software interpreter for XML configfiles: create your individual application without any code programming!
Additionally available with preconfigures VT100 clients, telnet client or for serial communication.
Power+12…24VDC. +/-10% tolerance.All systems LOW Power version, fanless cooling concept. Power consumption with ADNP1520: ca. 7,0 Watt, idle mode 3,6W
ProtectionIP65 frontpanel with water / dust protection
Tested in environment temperaturerange ca. -20…+60°C 
Front PanelAlu with keyboard
OptionsCable Kits, Power Supplies, RFID Proximity Reader, Serial Barcode Scanner and more
See page for cable kits and power supplies here
Dimensions /
Open Frame System: Front Panel: from ca. 100 x 158 mm, Deepth from ca. 40 mm, Internal Base Board Size from ca. 86 x 150 mm, Weight ca. 300 gramm
IP case system: from ca. 132 x 192 mm, additionally wall mounting brackets
See more information about versions here
ManufacturedThis product fullfills the criteria: Made in Germany = German product  for highest industrial quality!
Customized Design! Based on the system TRM816.
DistributorAE SYSTEME www.terminal-systems.com

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