TRM816 Case Versions

TRM816 Case Versions

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Case / Cabinet Version. TRM/816 IP Protected Metal Case WALL MOUNTING

Ordercode: TRM/816-IP65-WM Case

IP protected metal case, slim line version, with 3x SUB D9 connectors for interfaces. (Older versions: 2x SUB D9!) IP65 protection (IP65 = water / dust protection) front and side. Note: Shown standard connectors does not including IP protection. Special protected connectors available in customized versions!) System for roughly environment.

Standard case contains four removable wall mounting brackes. Use a TORX TX20 screw driver for opening the case! IO connector list TRM/816-IP65-WM-EXT case version:

-) RJ45: Ethernet LAN Networking
-) DIN: Power (Note: TRM/xx systems in case need special power supply with DIN connector. Ordercode: PWR4-TRM-SCREW. Please refer Cable Kit Page » for details!
-) SUB D9 male connector No 1: serial port COM1 / RS232
-) SUB D9 male connector No 2: available with function for CAN or COM2 or DIO (digital IO).  Standard using is CAN interface. Additionally options: TRM-DIO-SUBD1 uses DIO instead CAN.
-) SUB D9 male connector No 3: serial port COM 2 / RS232
Note: Connectors can vary in customized configurations!


Ordercode: TRM/816 OF (Open Frame)

Open frame = without case. Designed as evaluation version or for mounting the system inside your own target case / hardware, e.g. inside machines, vehicles, cases / cabinets etc. Current deliver versions of the front panel do not include thread needle pins on the backside of the front panel plate. So we recommend to use a MOUNTING FRAME for easy mounting the the open frame system! (See MOUNTING FRAME below on this page!) Note: handling open frame systems need special antistatic work environment! So this version is for experienced users only! There is no warranty if you damage the system in case of wrong using!

See bigger picture of the backside TRM816: Base Board BB816 Rear View**

We recommend to use our MOUNTING FRAME for easy mounting the the open frame system! (See MOUNTING FRAME below on this page!)

For Open Frame Systems: Special Cable Kit Page!

Carry Belt for TRM/816-IP65-WM

Ordercode: Carry Belt for TRM/816-IP65

Option for TRM/816 in the IP protected metal case: carry belt for easy transportation the TRM/816 system inside the IP protected metall case. (If you order this option, we mount the belt directly at the case. This carry belt option replaces the wall mounting.)

Option: TRM/8xx with adjustable holder

Ordercode: Spannfix Holder for TRM/816-IP65

Picture above shows TRM/xx-IP65 case with vehicle holder, e.g. for car / vehicle mounting. It is designed for TRM/xx series together with IP65 slim line case.

Description: A metallic backplate is mounted on the backside of the TRM/xx case. An adjustable holder is mounted in the car / vehicle: the TRM/xx snaps in easily. The holder is adjustable for the best viewing angle from the user. The holder and special holder backplate are options and not in standard cases. Refer pictures for details.

Case / Cabinet Version: TRM/816 IP Protected Metal Case with adjustable handle

Ordercode: TRM/816-IP65-HANDLE

Similar case as TRM/816-IP65-WM (wall mounting version) - but with 360 ° adjustable transportation handle for the system. It bases on the IP protected case, described at above, but with a special, movable handle. You can use the handle in two ways:
A) As mobile transportation handle (see 1st picture),
B) as part for using the TRM at the table with various angle of inclination, e.g. if you want to use the TRM/816 on a table (see 2nd picture).

Option: Mounting Frame

Ordercode: Mounting Frame

Mounting Frame fits around the front panel keyboard. Allows easily mounting the TRM open frame system inside machines, cases / cabinets and more.

Option TRM/816 IP Protected Plastic Case Version / Customized Versions!

Ordercode: no. Customized!

IP54 plastic case from DATEC Terminal S Serie from OKW Gehäusesysteme - see for further information. The IP54 plastic case is for wall or table mounting. The DATEC Terminal S case series from OKW is available in different sizes, eg. with internal printer as customized version.