For Android: AE Simple Barcode App

Android AE Simple Barcode App

Simple Barcode Data Capturing with your Smartphone Device

AE Simple Barcode App for Android Devices:

Designed for barcode scanning in stocks / at article items or whereever you are
Simple barcode app with some additonal features
Uses the cam of your smartphone as barcode reader (needs permission for your cam!)
Allows qty input for each barcode scan
Open data formate in TXT XLS CSV, for import in Office / Excel or other programs
Download and install the app from our server or from Google Play Store
English or german based user interface

Easily Barcode Scan

Optionally Qty Input

XLS CSV Data Format

For Android Devices

See how it works *:

During your work:

Step1: Press barcode button

Step2: target smartphone cam to scann your barcode

Step3A after barcode is read: press OK and save item OR
Step3B: input a qty and press OK OR
Step 3C: input additional information e.g. locaton and press OK

System will automatically save a data record with given information.
Repeat with step1...

After you are finished with your work: 

Press button DATA and see an overview about your saved data

Press button EXPORT and export all read data to a local file inside /Download directory,

Transfer the export file to your computer and process it as you want, e.g. open / import them as XLS CSV file into Office Excel or other software.

This is the elementary way of barcode data capturing with your smartphone. If your like it more comfortable: see AE INVENTORY App for more features!


Scan your barcode, input qty if needed, OK button. READY!

Data format in Excel XLS CSV format , e.g. for import in Office / Excel / SQL or other software packages.

Download file from your download to your computer and use it there as you want!

Use USB transfer for connecting your smartphone with your computer for data transfer
Simple use at your computer with standard file format
Import input data to Excel or other software you like

Free app for your android smartphone

Download from our server!


  • Collect your data
  • While you are finished: export data to a file of your choice
  • Transfer file to your computer (use USB / wireless / FTP file transfer...)
  • Import in Office Excel, SQL or any other application of your choice
  • Also importable in our Inventory Management System AE WWS Lite

Data Format with a sample barcode 123456:

Simple Barcode Item:


Barcode Item with Qty of 7200:


Barcode Item with Qty and Location:



AE Simple Barcode Scanner App

Scann barcodes and input qty values!

Download and try our App!

Get the app and other files directly for free from our webserver: *1

Download App and further files [ZIP]

Or download it from Google Play Store:

Google Play Store

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