For Android: AE Simple Barcode App

Android AE Simple Barcode App

Scan and save barcodes with your smartphoine device

AE Simple Barcode App for Android Devices:

For input barcode / QR code. Optionally value. Save.
Data format XLS CSV for import Office / Excel or others
Useable with our inventory management system AE WWS Lite
Data location: Download folder at your Android device
App download as APK datei for your Android device
English or german based user interface
Note: needs permissons for camera

Easily Barcode Scan

Optionally Qty Input

XLS CSV Data Format

For Android Devices

See how it works *:

Scan your barcode, input qty if needed, OK button. READY!

Data format in Excel XLS CSV format , e.g. for import in Office / Excel / SQL or other software packages.

Download file from your download to your computer and use it there as you want!

Use USB transfer for connecting your smartphone with your computer for data transfer
Simple use at your computer with standard file format
Import input data to Excel or other software you like

Free app for your android smartphone

Download from our server!


  • Collect your data
  • While you are finished: export data to a file of your choice
  • Transfer file to your computer (use USB / wireless / FTP file transfer...)
  • Import in Office Excel, SQL or any other application of your choice
  • Also importable in our inventory management system AE WWS Lite

New in version 1.007 / April 2022:

-) Autovalue is constant if needed
-) New layout
-) New input field for location (or other usage)
-) German and English user interface available!