Android Mobile Storage App

For Android: AE Mobile STORAGE App

Mobile data collection in field

Designed for professional handcomputer with Android and laser scanner for barcode reading:

AE Mobile Storage App for data capturing in stock, direct from article, from goods or regal!

Capturing app for mobile data collection / mobile data capturing. Open data formats for further processing in Office Excel XLS / CSV, SQL or others. Designed for modern architecture. Recommended to use with ZEBRA MC220  or others with Android 10.

AE Mobile Storage App + ZEBRA MC2200

A powerful data capturing bundle for professional use!

-) Android app for data collection in stock / at article / everywhere
-) For goods movement e.g. dispatch, approach, inventory, ordering
-) Fast input of article and qty information directly at the face
-) Supports addon input e.g. invoice / delivering information for each accounting item
-) Presents uploaded article information in the display (if article list is uploaded, recommended with up to Android 10)
-) Designed for handcomputer Zebra(c) MC2200 or other mobile devices with laser scanner and Android OS
-) Dataformat TXT with XLS CSV for Office / Excel / SQL data processing of input data
-) Also useable with our inventory management system AE WWS Lite

Software for Handhelds
Software for ANDROID Devices

Stock Movements
For Delivering IN and OUT

Mobile Barcode Scann
Directly in stocks from the item

Inventory Capturing
Collect current inventory data

Order Capturing
Order items and qtys

Capture current location for each item. (Option)

Upload and work with picklists (Option)

For professional Hardware
E.g. for ZEBRA mobile computers or others

Fast Data Transfer
Data transfer via USB or WiFi / cloud or others. (Partially option)

Item Host File
Upload item host file with current item information

Standard Data Formats
Standard TXT XLS CSV data formats for Office Excel or other processing software

Different Languages
Available in English or German, or individual at request

Easy Using
Use it without any IT knowledge. For persons in stocks

Customized Versions
Individual changes or programming at request

Demo Available
Use our free demo version for quick and fast overview!

Designed for Android10

Zebra MC2200 Handcomputer with AE Mobile Storage App

Main menu. Choose your type of action.
Input display. Select item and input qty
Input data are really easy for further processing

Other Android Handcomputer with AE Mobile Storage App

Menu selection for android smartphone

Input fields at android smartphone

Various settings for individual configurations

Data Structures, e.g. for Excel XLS CSV, SQL and others

Data and files saved in projekt folder from \downloads for easy further access

Standard XLS CSV format for easy processing in Office Excel(c) or others

Handheld computer Android / Zebra with barcode station for easy USB transfer in standard data formats

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AE Mobile Storage App

Mobile data capturing app for Android devices

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